6.215 Nanja Wans


8 (Sat) August 2015

Nanja Wans


from Yangjagang [delivery]

at home

-Apgujeong, Seoul-

with the wife

Summer Vacation, Day 8 (see previously 6.214 Lobsters, for My Babies).

2 full weeks with the wife and kids, the longest together since I relocated to Manila.  1 week in the Philippines — DONE — followed by 1 week in Korea.  We arrived this afternoon.  I fly back next Saturday.

For dinner, we ordered in from our go-to Chinese delivery joint (see most recently 6.180 Japtangbap).

“Chinese” Naengmyeon (1.0) — I’ll describe this dish in a featured post someday.

The term “nanja wans (난자완스)” is the Koreanized pronunciation of “nanjianwanzi = southern (nan) pan-fried (jian) meatball (wanzi).”

More interestingly, “jian = 煎 = 전 = jeon,” which I’d always assumed this to be a purely Korean word.

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