6.220 Buffalo Wings


13 (Thu) August 2015

Buffalo Wings


at The Wolfhound

-Itaewon, Seoul-

with J Jang, H Kim, J Kim, S Lee

Summer Vacation, Day 13 (see previously 6.219 Spaghetti with Lobster in Rosé Sauce).

2 full weeks with the wife and kids, the longest together since I relocated to Manila.  1 week in the Philippines — DONE — followed by 1 week in Korea — IN PROCESS.  We arrived in Seoul last Saturday afternoon.  I fly back to Manila this Saturday.


While The Wolfhound has always been one of my favorite hangout spots in Itaewon — even though I haven’t eaten dinner there in years (see most recently 2.167 Fish & Chips) — I’ve never described or featured photos of it on the blog.


The wings are okay, except they’re quite small.

On Thursdays, celery and carrot sticks with blue ranch dip come at an extra charge of 1000 won.

Haven’t hung out with these guys in over 8 months (see most recently 5.359 Jaengban Ban).

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