6.221 King Crab


14 (Fri) August 2015

King Crab


at Bada Hoe Center

-Noryangjin, Seoul-

with the wife & kids, and the in-laws

Summer Vacation, Day 14 (see previously 6.220 Buffalo Wings).

2 full weeks with the wife and kids, the longest together since I relocated to Manila.  1 week in the Philippines — DONE — followed by 1 week in Korea — IN PROCESS.  We arrived in Seoul last Saturday.  I fly back to Manila tomorrow.

Bada Hoe Center is a Korean restaurant, one of the ever-increasing number of establishments within Noryangjin Fish Market, all offering the same services at the same prices, most notably the preparation of raw seafood items purchased and brought in by customers. 

Located off to the side, this place was busy but not as jam-packed as the houses within the central market (see most recently 6.088 King Crab), allowing for a more peaceful/pleasant dining experience.  

A general principle that I’ve recently adopted is never to eat whole crab.  Too much of a hassle to crack the shells and pick at the flecks of meat in between.  Sauce is even worse because of the mess.  The only exceptions would be soft-shelled crab and king crab.

Unlike other crabs, the meat in king crabs is mostly in the long fat legs, which contain enormous whole slabs of sweet juicy flesh, easily accessible by making a simple lengthwise slit with scissors.
Where the legs connect to the body, the joints also provide bug chunks of flesh, easily extricated with fingers/chopsticks — no silly spoon required.

An amazing meal to finish off the trip.

Jiri Tang (3.5) — with bones from the fluke sashimi, making for a crisp and clear soup.
Maeun Tang (3.5) — same as above but with chili powder for heat, just as good in a different way.
Fried Rice (2.5) — with the crab guts.

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