6.231 Woke Up This Morning


24 (Mon) August 2015

Woke Up This Morning


from Italianni’s (Robinsons Place)

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-

with TS

Been rewatching The Sopranos.

As the series is largely about the daily lives of mafiosos, every episode features at least one scene of people eating.  Typically Italian cuisine, of course.  At home, at work, in restaurants.  Because the scene is usually not about the meal itself, the dishes aren’t shown very clearly.  Nevertheless, the characters are so obviously enjoying the food that it makes me want to be there with them.  In fact, I’ve often paused the program, gone into my own kitchen to whip up a quick plate of pasta, then resumed play while eating from the bowl in my lap.

This evening, learning from past experiences, I purchased food in advance.  Takeout from Italianni’s (see most recently 6.076 Osso Buco…).  The spread comprised favorites from the Italian-American repertoire, including spaghetti and meatballs, chicken parmesan, deep-fried calamari, and pizza margherita (pepperoni would’ve been more appropriate, but I don’t like pepperoni that much) — though I should point out that none of these dishes, as far as I can recall, have ever specifically been referenced on the series.

4 thoughts on “6.231 Woke Up This Morning

  1. well…a bit creepy but interesting approach… come to think of it, i guess i know what it is. i used to feel pretty much the same when i was having dinner alone and watching the Big Bang Theory–ha!

    1. right, when they sit around and eat thai food, or whatever “day” it is.

      but the scene is never very long, and they don’t seem to enjoy the food.

      on The Sopranos, an entire 10-minute scene will take place during a meal, and the whole time they’re eating, and even though they never talk about the food, they’re clearly enjoying it. in fact, one of the director’s commentaries notes that some meals are actually the actors eating their dinner/lunch on camera.

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