6.076 Osso Buco di Fattoria


22 (Sun) March 2015

Osso Buco di Fattoria


at Italianni’s (Robinsons Place)

-Ermita, Manila-

with JR, TL, CT

For reasons unfathomable, CT really likes this place (see most recently 6.059 Parmesan & Garlic-Crusted Atlantic Cod).

My old nemesis, point-of-sale marketing.

Osso buco is an Italian beef dish.  Consists of the shank, crosscut with the bone in. Traditionally braised in white wine, now more commonly with tomatoes and red wine.  Traditionally veal, but older cow may be more common these days.  In any case, the point of the dish is the bone marrow–“osso = bone” + “buco = hole”–which adds an extra layer of richness to the sauce.  Maybe be served with risotto, polenta, potatoes, pasta.  Specialty of Milano.

I’d been looking forward to another chance to try bone marrow (see most recently 6.061 Bone Marrow), but I couldn’t make it out in the heavy sauce.

The Osso Buco di Fattoria at Italianni’s was extremely disappointing.  For starters, the beef came in bits and pieces–likely assembled from other cuts–thus missing the textural integrity of the whole shank.  Second, the meat was unforgivably dry.  Third, the sauce was unbearably salty*.  The accompanying veg and polenta were kinda crappy, too.  Oh well.

Earlier, a big group from work had gone to Tagyatay for a morning of mountain running/trekking; I went to check out the campsites.
Along the trail, small outposts offer rest and refreshment…
…such as fresh buko juice (coconut water) (no relation to the Italian buco above), beer, boiled eggs…
…and various kinds of processed crap that Filipinos like.

*I’m wondering if my impression of saltiness could be attributed to exhaustion/dehydration (see generally 5.093 Anchovy Lovers Pizza; see for example 5.124 Tribeca Mushroom Pizza).

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  1. the photo of Tagaytay made me feel refreshing! i need a getaway place like this.

    was it raining that day? or just foggy?

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