6.249 Kimchi Fried Rice


11 (Fri) September 2015

Kimchi Fried Rice


by me

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-


Prior to tonight, when making kimchi fried rice and adding SPAM, I’d always minced the meat.  The theory was that the tiny pieces would better permeate throughout the batch, infusing every bite with love.

Tonight, for no particular reason, I diced the SPAM.  Though maybe not in every bite, the bites that did contain a cube of SPAM were like BAM!

Reminds of evolution, the general description that I vaguely recall from high school biology class, how a species undergoes incremental improvements through natural selection over thousands of years until an advantageous mutation accelerates advancement.

6 thoughts on “6.249 Kimchi Fried Rice

  1. Minced SPAM, oh no. The dice gets nice crispy edges. Sometimes when I’m lazy I even cut the SPAM into small rectangular strips instead of taking the extra step of dicing and it’s still good. You tend to go hunting for the bites with the SPAM, like searching for treasure.

  2. you guys are hilarious. i only use spam when i have bad kimchi because i need something else to look forward to in the fried rice.

  3. I was having dinner with colleagues the other night, when SPAM came up in conversation, and one of them got really snooty, “OMG, SPAM is the most disgusting thing ever, please don’t go there, makes me lose my appetite” — god, what a brat — and I actually got personally offended, though my response was on a broader socioeconomic level, about how many cultures, even developed countries like Korea, appreciate the product, not just as a poor man’s substitute for “real” meat, but as a respectable food in itself, and who the fuck are you to judge, especially as she’d never even tried it, and she did admit to eating hotdogs — god, what an idiot.

  4. i totally agree that hot dogs are on the same level as SPAM. problem is that some people, who’ve never tasted or even seen it, seem to think that SPAM is something else entirely, like it doesn’t even contain meat, or maybe just meat by-products.

    speaking of which, yes, i would agree in principle that organs are just as valid as standard cuts, in fact more appreciated by some, but i’ll pass. you can have my share.

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