6.277 Chicken Stew


9 (Fri) October 2015

Chicken Stew


by me

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-


Made the stew earlier in the week, intending on having it for dinner one evening, but never got the chance, eating most of it for breakfast here and there, finishing off the final portion tonight, a quick bite before heading off to the airport, on my way to attend a long mission — details tomorrow upon arrival at destination.

The red blobs are tomato-pesto cheese.  A semi-hard type, didn’t melt that well, even after several minutes in the microwave, just kept getting shinier.

2 thoughts on “6.277 Chicken Stew

  1. The cheese part made me laugh for some reason. I’m picturing someone continually heating it, checking it, and becoming irked when it fails to disintegrate and as if to spite them, develops an increasingly smug and glowing sheen.

    Cheese and I have had a weird relationship.

    1. that’s TOTALLY how it happened. 2 minutes, and it’s still hard. 1 more minute, softish but not melted. 1 more minute, melted but not not gooey. 1 more minute, melted and not gooey but shiny. by this point, the stew was starting to scorch on the bottom, so i had to give up.

      i don’t work with cheese much, so i’m not familiar with how certain types are better for certain applications (i think this particular cheese is meant just to be eaten as is).

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