6.287 Seafood Gambas


19 (Mon) October 2015

Seafood Gambas


at WPRO Cafeteria (Al Fresco)

-Malate, Manila-

with meeting participants

Whereas “gambas” refers to shrimp in Spanish (see for example 5.017 Gambas al Ajillo), the term here in the Philippines can apply to any seafood sautéed with garlic.

Kinda like how “scampi” can refer specifically to shrimp in Italian or more broadly in English to any dish sautéed in garlic and butter (see for example 2.041 Shrimp-Shiitake-Broccoli Scampi).

Chicken Croquettes (0.5) — another NCD risk factor (see generally 6.244 NCD Risk Factors), particularly regrettable in light of the occasion.

The occasion was a welcome reception for participants of a nutrition consultation.

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