6.295 Chayote Guisado


27 (Tue) October 2015

Chayote Guisado


by O

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-


On sale at 40 pesos / kg (about $0.39 / lb — I wonder what that would buy in the States these days…)

Chayote is a vegetable.  Type of gourd, the flesh having a celadon color similar to honeydew melon, but firmer in texture, delicate flavor like sweet cucumber.

In the Philippines — where it’s alternatively referred to as “sayote” (a local derivation of the original Spanish term) — a simple method of preparation involves cutting the chayote into strips/cubes then stir-frying (guisado) them in oil with garlic, salt, pepper, maybe soy sauce and/or fish sauce, often MSG.  Served as a side dish with rice.


I asked my helper Orlie to make something for dinner, quick and easy, vegetable only, and this is what she came up with.

It was good.

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