6.294 Chow


26 (Mon) October 2015



from Army Navy [delivery]

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-


Sad to report that Army Navy may not be as good as my initial impression had led me to believe (see most recently 6.204 Chicken Soft Tacos).

Burger (1.0) — seasoning of beef patty had a peculiar flavor…

…while the toppings left much much to be desired.
Freedom Fries (2.5) — the menu also offers Freedom Toast.
Fearless Fried Chicken (1.0) — be afraid.
Querida Mia Verde (3.0) — essentially a grilled burrito, filled with mozzarella and cheddar, bell pepper, onion, jalapeño, tomato, lettuce, cilantro, guacamole, sour cream (versions with chicken or steak also available).
Guacamole (2.5) + Salsa (2.0)

Then again, I’m still sick — now over a week — so nothing tastes good these days.

9 thoughts on “6.294 Chow

  1. Your last couple of posts (and hearing you’ve been sick for such a long time) makes me want to send you a farmer’s market basket from LA with fresh produce and maybe some Vitamin C injections! Everything seems miserable, esp the food 🙁

  2. turns out, i have bronchitis. currently on antibiotics, just now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. been coughing for so long that i’m starting to develop a 6-pack.

    1. I suppose that a positive side of having a rather dry sense of humor is that misery makes you funnier.

      1. ?? not sure what you’re referring to.

        honestly, I don’t ever try to be funny (whether in writing the blog or in life), although i do have a very very dry sense of humor (which i guess is why i tend not to like comedies, which try to be funny).

  3. Ah, sorry if that came across as insensitive. I just find that generally the shittier the experience someone has, the more…entertaining(?) it is to read…not because I take joy in the suffering of others, but because they tend to describe it with almost a ferverous zeal.

    Me? I’m a sarcastic, bitter little thing, and my humor is pretty much the same way. So any misery I’m feeling just amplifies it.

    1. no, didn’t mean to imply insensitivity on your part, just saying that i never know what readers will perceive to be funny.

      BTW, “schadenfreude” — which is my second favorite word starting with “S” — means means “pleasure derived from another’s misery.”

      1. Yes, schadenfreude indeed.
        …but to some it seems schadenfreude is synonymous with sadism.

  4. similar concepts, but i would suggest that “sadism” involves directly inflicting the pain, whereas “schadenfreude” can be merely observational (and therefore more harmless?).

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