6.333 Jacked — Three Ways


4 (Fri) December 2015

Jacked — Three Ways


at Marble 8

-City Centre, Kuala Lumpur-

Marble 8 is an upscale American steakhouse, with French and Italian influences.

Mission to Malaysia, Day 7 (see previously 6.332 Pork Xiao Long Bao).

In Kuala Lumpur.  Here to support a regional workshop on restricting the marketing of foods and non-alcoholic beverages to children, Tuesday to today.  Arrived last Sunday evening.  Flying back tomorrow.

Breads and dips (complimentary) (3.5) — all downhill from here…
Mini burger (not a slider) (complimentary) (1.5).
From the first bottle — and by “Champagne,” I mean Champagne.

Workshop complete — a fat cherry on top of a thoroughly exhausting yet overwhelmingly fulfilling year — the occasion called for celebration, letting loose, pulling out all the stops, in style, fully deserved.

This 50-gram tin of the Sevruga set me back 950 MYR (about 215 USD); for comparison, the Beluga cost 2,000 MYR — I’m crazy, not insane.
A prep station was rolled up next to our table, serving up the caviar in three ways.
Way 1 (2.0) — straight up, I found the roe to be a bit too salty, the overly mild sour creme fraiche not enough to balance out.
Way 2 (2.5) — textural contrast from the crispy melba toast, chives providing a touch of freshness.
Way 3 (3.0) — nice balance of salty (caviar) + sweet (blini) + sour (creme), plus onions for kick.

Reconfirming that caviar is not really my thing (see most recently 5.280 Black Sturgeon Caviar…), I’ve decided as a result of this experience never ever to spend another penny on the stuff (or 21,500 pennies, as the case may be) — läropengar (see most recently 5.180 Mahi Mahi…) (in this particular instance, the stupid mistake (a requisite element for an event to constitute läropengar) was getting it to impress a girl, though I would’ve come to the same conclusion regardless of the motivation).

Hokkaido Scallop and Lobster Carpaccio (1.0) — taste and texture as icky as it looks.
Boston Lobster (2.0) — “thermidor style with mushrooms and parmesan cheese;” the lobster completely drowned out in all that mush, confirming that fresh lobster should be prepared as simply as possible.
Sirloin on the Bone (2.5) — supposedly dry-aged wagyu, but neither very flavorful nor tender.

A few seconds of feeling like a big shot while ordering the food, followed by a couple hours of being a jackass while eating overpriced crap.  Won’t say exactly how much the meal cost, but it was the most expensive in my life.  And the girl didn’t even seem that impressed.  What a wash.

Da On is a Korean restaurant, located in Pavilion.
The only guy in the joint, as I often find myself.

Maybe I wasn’t that hungry.

In light of our 9PM reservation at Marble 8, I took advantage of the window to squeeze in a Korean meal and add to the list of “Korean Abroad” countries/cities.


Malaysia is now the 13th country and Kuala Lumpur is the 26th city outside of Korea where I’ve eaten at a Korean restaurant (see KOREAN ABROAD).

Bibimbap (3.0) — yes, it was more than just lettuce underneath.

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