6.336 Corona Chicken Salsa + Barbecue Chicken Pizza


7 (Mon) December 2015

Corona Chicken Salsa + Barbecue Chicken Pizza


from The Yellow Cab Co. [takeout]

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-

with RK

Bought a PlayStation4 tonight — whether to entertain my kids (even though they won’t be joining me anytime soon) or to perpetuate my slow descent back to bachelorhood (even though I haven’t owned a game console since Atari), dunno.

RK came over to help test it out.

Playing video games, eating pizza for dinner, felt like being in college.

Incidentally, the Barbecue Chicken was just okay but unremarkable, perhaps my least favorite among the Yellow Cab offerings that I’ve tried thus far (see most recently 6.225 Dear Darla Pizza).

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