7.031 Chili Shrimp


5 (Fri) February 2016

 Chili Shrimp


from Wok Inn [takeaway]

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-

with BB and LV

I’ve decided that I shall no longer eat shrimp that’s served with the shells still on.  A couple years back, I’d made a declaration to forego crab altogether because of the hassle in all that cracking and peeling for the bits of flesh in between, as well as the mess (see 5.132 Malaysian Chili Kangkong Crab).  Whereas shrimp may be a bit easier to shell at the table, and less messy, they can readily be pre-shelled in the kitchen.  In fact, I’m perfectly willing to do so myself when cooking, just not when eating.  I’m also perfectly aware that shells do impart richer flavor, but not enough for me to care.

Will discuss the food if ever I eat at Wok Inn on the premises.

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