7.037 Pretzel


11 (Thu) February 2016



at Herb & Kitchen (Hilton Manhattan East)

-Midtown East, NY-


Mission to USA + Personal Deviation, Day 6 (see previously 7.036 Classic Lobster Newberg).

In New York.  Here to attend a meeting Tuesday to tomorrow on NCDs at the United Nations.  Plus to give a guest lecture Monday on global health at TU.  Flying back Saturday.

United Nations Headquarters (as seen from 1st Avenue) (morning); that long flat building is where the General Assembly meets; flags fly when the GA is in session.
Café de la Paix, one of many utilitarian venues for staff (diplomats have exclusive access to full-service fine-dining restaurants located elsewhere throughout the campus).
What I’ve been eating for breakfast and lunch over the past few days : offerings mostly Western-style ready-to-go items, such as salads, sandwiches, pizzas.
United Nations Headquarters (as seen from 41st Street) (evening); that tall building is for the secretariat.

Won’t bother going into a drawn out description of the pretzel and its history, suffice it to say for purposes of this post that pretzels are ubiquitous in New York as a snack item, in bars, delis, diners, bakeries, and at streetside food carts.

After the meeting had wrapped for the day, I went back to the hotel and grabbed a pretzel at the lobby bar to tide me over until dinner.  However, I was soon so thoroughly exhausted that I ended up staying in.

So the pretzel will have to serve as dinner for this post.

Hilton Manhattan East
Herb & Kitchen

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