7.036 Classic Lobster Newberg


10 (Wed) February 2016

Classic Lobster Newberg


at Delmonico’s

-Financial District, New York, New York, USA-


Delmonico’s is an American restaurant.  Located on Beaver Street (at the intersection of William Street) (couple blocks away from the NYSE).  Founded 1837, claiming to be “the first fine dining restaurant in the country.”  Specializes in steak, as well as other classic American dishes, many reputed to have been invented there.
That first table, just beyond the marble, is where I sat.

Mission to USA + Personal Deviation, Day 5 (see previously 7.035 W T Fuku?).

In New York.  Here to attend a meeting Tuesday to Friday on NCDs at the United Nations.  Plus to give a guest lecture Monday on global health at TU.  Flying back Saturday.

After the original business was shut down in 1923, various restaurants under different owners have operated in the space, which often lay vacant for years in between; the current business started in 1998; the Delmonico in New Orleans, as described in the cookbook Emeril’s Delmonico (see generally 2.152 Shrimp Remoulade) was established independently in 1895 with permission from the Delmonico family.

To upgrade the dining experience — beyond the bar apps and pizzas and sandwiches and noodle soups that I’ve been enjoying, thoroughly enjoying, thus far — a proper full-service meal was in order.

The current hot spots — to name a few under consideration : Daniel, Jean-George, Nobu, Le Bernardin, Le Cirque, Gramercy Tavern, Gotham Bar & Grill, Dirt Candy, Aquavit — were fully booked.

Alternatively, among the landmarks — such as Tavern on the Green, 21 Club, The Russian Tea Room, Delmonico’s — I went with Delmonico’s simply because it’s the oldest of the bunch (sort of).

Considering to start a series featuring restaurants claiming to be the oldest in a country/city (see for example 4.192 …Seolnong Tang).

According to some sources, the Lobster Newberg was invented at Delmonico’s in 1876.
Served with brioche croutons and caviar.

The Lobster Newberg was phenomenal.  Perfectly succulent chunks of lobster.  Perfectly balanced sauce : a touch of tang, a touch of sweet, a touch of spice, all rolled into a luxurious blanket of cream.  Plus the perfectly cooked brioche : crispy on the edges, fluffy within, like a plush goose down pillow wrapped in a high thread-count pillow case.  And the caviar, like a piece of chocolate (to keep this metaphor going, at least visually), for a final kick of savory (although the metaphor doesn’t work in terms of flavor).  One of the greatest dishes that I’ve ever experienced, ever.

Prime New York Strip (3.5) : passed up the signature Delmonico Steak, a variation on the ribeye — which I now avoid as a matter of personal policy (see generally 5.357 Chicago Cowboy Steak); anyway, the New York Strip seemed just as appropriate.
A bit overdone to medium, but excellent nonetheless, best that I’ve had in years (see previously 3.331 New York Strip Steak).
Charred Broccoli & Cauliflower (1.5) : overcooked, limp and mushy, heavy on the aoli.

Overall, it was the best meal that I’ve had in years (see previously 5.341 Cecina).

While I’m generally mindful of the blessing to enjoy good food every day — even when it’s kinda crappy — but times like this — with GMTD to shine the spotlight — I am utterly grateful, deeply and humbly.




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