7.052 Amends


26 (Fri) February 2016

Pizzas & Wings


from Yellow Cab Co. [delivery]

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-

with RK, MJK, et al.

At the 40-minute mark, when the food still hadn’t been delivered, I called the hotline to inquire about the order, getting the typical “on its way” bullshit, and again at 50, and again at 60.  I was about to call and cancel at 70, but — ding dong — saved by the bell, literally.

20 minutes later, the guy came back, this time with a box of Baked Potato Wedges, as a token of apology.  While appreciating the gesture, I had to think that this all could’ve been avoided if they’d just put it a bit more effort on the front end.

All cold and stiff.

Getting sick of Yellow Cab anyway (see most recently 7.028 Anchovy Lovers Pizza).

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