7.160 Chinese-Style Naengmyeon


13 (Mon) June 2016

Chinese-Style Naengmyeon


at The Fu

-Apgujeong, Seoul-

with the boys

Next door to the Philippine Embassy — where we’d gone earlier in the day for visas — this Filipino restaurant!
Offering dishes that now remind me of “home.”

In Seoul.  Arrived Saturday morning.  Long weekend (Philippine Independence Day, commemorating liberation from the Spanish in 1898, not from the United States in 1946).  Flying back to Manila later this evening.

The Fu is a Chinese restaurant. Located in Apgujeong, inside the Hyundai Apartment complex. Started out aspiring to be a high-end bistro for the upscale residents nearby, but quickly devolved into a neighborhood delivery joint. Okay for a quick noodle dish.

The family soon to be joining me in the Philippines for good, after which my visits to Korea will be infrequent, I need to get in as much MNM as I can (see most recently 7.159 Mul Naengmyeon) — the one dish unavailable outside of Korea in its purest traditional CS-PYS form (see generally 4.261 Pyongyang (Mul) Naeng Myeon) — before the move.


 Chinese-style naeng myeon isn’t quite the same thing, and not close enough, but it’ll have to do until next time (possibly in a couple weeks).

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