7.178 One for the Road: White Pepper Lobster


1 (Fri) July 2016

One for the Road: White Pepper Lobster


from Tao Yuan [takeout]

(see most recently 7.123 Singaporean Tofu)

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-


Come Sunday, I’ll be moving into The Fort, a big step in preparation for the family’s relocation to the Philippines at the end of the month.

Sad to leave behind the grand townhouse on 1818 MH Del Pilar, which has been my castle for the past year —- the third place in all, following the studio (see generally 5.008 Chicken Pork Adobo…) then the one-bedroom (see generally 5.054 Spaghetti), both in Adriatico Tower One — and even sadder to leave behind the neighborhood of Ermita/Malate — the original Manila of the now Metro Manila — which has been my stomping grounds for the past two and a half years.  I will forever be grateful for this dynamic-vibrant-energetic town that introduced and quickly immersed me into the warm-loving-happy culture of Manila — perhaps my favorite among all the cities where I’ve lived (including Seoul, Santa Clara, Saratoga, New York, Washington DC, Alexandria, Concord, Berkeley, Oakland, Los Angeles).

Fortunately, I still work in Manila, so I’m here every day, though it won’t be the same as living here.



Even if the cooking gear weren’t already packed, I got takeout from Tao Yuan for dinner, the restaurant that best symbolizes my gastronomic exploits during my time in Manila thus far (see generally 6.095 DONE).  Of course, white pepper lobster (see most generally 6.297 Rock Lobster in White Pepper Sauce) was included in the spread.

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  1. yes, it was so bittersweet that i couldn’t bear to rate it.

    (a typo, of course, but in light of the circumstances I choose to leave it as is.)

    always amazed at the things you pick up on.

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