7.233 Rabokki


25 (Thu) August 2016



by me

at home

-One Serendra, Taguig-

with the family

Be coincidence, my first post on this dish featured rice cakes in sliced/flat form, which Number One Fan LY just happened to mention today [in real time, not on the GMTD timeline] in response to a different post (see generally 7.225 Bulgogi Ddeokbokki).

2 thoughts on “7.233 Rabokki

  1. still just wingin it.

    a few general principles : start with lots and lots of water, as the noodles will absorb it quickly, and continue to absorb as it sits around; easy on the gochujang, which can make it bitter; essential to add flavored seasoning, preferably with MSG, such as the ramyeon powdered soup base, but here I used chicken powder, so as to keep the spice level down; add way more sugar than would seem necessary, which doesn’t make it sweet but rounds out the flavors.

    most home cooks making it ddeokbokki typically add a big-ass scoop of gochujang, no seasoning, and not enough sugar, which ends up being bitter, spicy, flat.

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