7.253 Greek Salad (Dinner à la DHS III)


14 (Wed) September 2016

Greek Salad (Dinner à la DHS III)


by DHS

in her home

(see most recently 7.094 HNML)

-Salcedo Village, Makati, Manila, Philippines-

with the colleagues

Dinner with the boss.


Much simpler spread this time.

2 thoughts on “7.253 Greek Salad (Dinner à la DHS III)

  1. Greek salads are one of my favorite cold salads, but I find that above all else, the success of a Greek salad is in the dressing used. I still haven’t mastered the perfect recipe for one…

  2. personally, i’m not a fan of the feta, which is unpleasantly sharp for me, but i do like the overall lightness of greek salads, as well as the texture of the chunky pieces.

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