7.252 Matsusaka Teppanyaki


13 (Tue) September 2016

Matsusaka Teppanyaki


at Ogetsu Hime

-SM Aura Premier, Taguig-

with the family

Total bullshit.  Overcooked, and apparently at a low temperature as suggested by the utter lack of crust, cut up into randomly sized bits and pieces, the texture was a soft-squishy-dryish mess.   And the chunks of fat, constituting about half of the portion, not marbled within the meat, but on its own — I know that Filipinos like their fat (see for example 5.357 Chicago Cowboy Steak) — too much for us.  Ugh.


As mentioned in the post describing our first visit to this restaurant (see above), the menu places exorbitantly high prices on items then offers to sell them at half price; at 5,610 PHP + 10% SVC for a 200-gram portion of the A5 (about $140 for an 8-oz steak), seems at first to be marginally cheaper than Kobe beef in Kobe (see generally 5.143 Good Award Kobe Beef…), but it’s way more if excluding all the fat.

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  1. Haha, why are his pants down!!!??? He’s adorable.

    And yes, the first photo of the meal on this post looks quite horrendous… sorry! Guess you know where NOT to go in the future.

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