7.264 Negitoro Gunkanmaki


25 (Sun) September 2016

Negitoro Gunkanmaki


at GansoZushi

-Ikebukuro, Tokyo-


GansoZushi : “sushi go-round restaurant.”
Everyone in the joint was male (even staff), all solo (except for the pair in this photo), which gave the place a rather depressing vibe.
100 JPY = about $0.90

Mission to Japan, Day 1.

In Tokyo.  Here to attend/facilitate a workshop on developing leadership and advocacy skills for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases, Tuesday thru Friday.  Arrived this morning (getting in a bit early to do some shopping).  Flying back to Manila on Saturday.

Stopped in for a quick bite, but couldn’t stop myself from filling up.

In case any of my 4 readers were expecting more, I’m sorry to report that my first dinner in town went down in a random conveyor-belt sushi dive.  Having spent the afternoon shopping for records — Tokyo, the global capital of vinyl — I was so exhausted by dinnertime that I would’ve been happy with anything.  Should prove, once again, that I’m not a “foodie.”

Not complaining, merely observing that this may be the crappiest/smallest hotel room that I’ve been booked while traveling for official business.
As far as I can recall, the last vinyl purchase prior to tonight might’ve been Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” (1990) 12-inch single.


From the hotel vending machine.
Whereas Japan isn’t generally regarded as an “obesogenic environment” (e.g., not a lot of fastfood), I’d get so fat living here, unable to resist all the goodies in the convenience stores and other 24-hr food establishments.

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