7.272 Suyuk


3 (Mon) October 2016



by MIL

at home

-One Serendra, Taguig-

with the In-Laws

When I got home from work, the MIL presented me with a plate of boiled beef.

As noted yesterday (see 7.271 AHQFGT), the MIL’s Typical Korean At-Home Meal is a clear and present danger.

In addition to eating the beef, I enjoyed the privilege of hearing her epic tale about buying and preparing it — and then I went to the other stall, and they had better meat, but it was a bit more expensive, but I had trouble converting the currency in my head, but it’s still seemed cheaper than Korea, not as good in quality of course, but much better than I’d expected, isn’t it?, isn’t it good??, isn’t it tender, try dipping it in the sauce, so be sure to buy your beef next time at that stall on the far left, not the right, the left, but not the one that also sells chicken, and when you get home, before you begin to boil it 

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