7.273 Pepperoni Pizza


4 (Tue) October 2016

Pepperoni Pizza


from Marketplace by Rustan’s

(see most recently 7.238 Chicken Pesto Pizza)

at home

-One Serendra, Taguig-


Earlier in the afternoon, the MIL had called me at work to ask if I’d like for her to make anything special for dinner (see most recently 7.272).

I’m telling you, she just doesn’t get it .

So, again in defense (see for example 7.271 AHQFGT), I picked up pizza on the way home.

2 thoughts on “7.273 Pepperoni Pizza

  1. you are mean to your MIL when all she’s trying to do is be nice. that pizza doesn’t look that good. i’m sure your MIL’s food was better.

    1. 1. i am not mean to my MIL. i love my MIL.
      2. she’s not trying to be nice. she’s trying to impose her evil will upon me.
      3. pizza from rustan’s is good.
      4. as GMTD’s Number One Fan, if you’ve learned nothing else, you should know that MIL’s food is not good.

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