7.289 Beef Curry


20 (Thu) October 2016

Beef Curry


at Dakota Cabin

-Malate, Manila-

with colleagues

Small going away party for RP, who’s been our programme management officer and my next door neighbor over the past couple months.

One of the few buildings in Malate that I’m unfamiliar with, located on Mabini.
Googling “Dakota Cabin” returns only this establishment (at least on the first two pages), but presumably it’s some historical reference, perhaps relating to aviation (e.g., the name of a bomber that flew in WWII)?
Offering a solid selection of booze, Dakoto Cabin is a bar/restaurant, the kind of place that I might’ve frequented back in the day — if not for the cigarette smoke, which had my clothes reeking by the time that I’d left a couple hours later.
Where the latest generation of Malatians hang out — I can’t recall the last time that I spent an evening with only white folk.

Thursday is curry night.

The curry was okay.

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