7.288 Ebi Teppanyaki


19 (Wed) October 2016

Ebi Teppanyaki


at Toki

-BGC, Taguig-

with W and The Boyz

Toki is a Japanese restaurant.
Located in BGC, same building as L’Aubergine, on the corner of 32nd St and 5th Ave (building is called “32nd and 5th”).
If only they worked here, even just one of them.

The food was good.   The teppanyaki was a bit fusionistic, the butter and herbs making the dish taste more French than Japanese, but the quality of the ingredients, delicate hand in preparation, and immaculate presentation were beyond reproach.  Same goes for the rest.

This could become our go-to Japanese joint.

Toro Nigirizushi (4.0) : perfect.
The only hesitation about frequenting the place is that the prices are pretty high : this humble spread costing in excess of 6000 PHP (about $130), though that did buy us a lot of toro, each piece of sushi = 180 PHP + 12% SVC.
Mixed Vegetables Teppanyaki (3.0)

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