7.297 Grilled Lamb Chops Aliman


28 (Fri) October 2016

Grilled Lamb Chops


by me

at my parents’ home

-Oksu, Seoul-

with Mom

My mother had bought a pack of “Frenched rack” lamb chops and put them on ice, presumably for me to prepare, as she doesn’t really know how, and presumably for myself, as nobody else in the family really eats lamb, but I can’t imagine when she thought the opportunity would arise — though somehow, the opportunity arose tonight.
Tried to recreate my Lamb Chops Aliman.

Fall Break : Day 8 (see previously 7.297 Osam Bulgogi).

In Seoul.  Here on holiday during DJ’s fall break.  Arrived last Saturday, flying back to Manila on Monday.

With guacamole and tabouleh, both also by me.

2 thoughts on “7.297 Grilled Lamb Chops Aliman

  1. Can you share your marinade recipe & instructions?
    What do you think would happen if cooked stove-top on a nonstick pan?

    1. no set recipe, which has always kinda been the point. generally, the essence of the dish is tang, derived from an improvised mix of balsamic/worcestershire, plus a touch of sambal for heat, and then thyme/parsley for additional flavor.

      it should work okay on a regular pan, except that the marinade does scorch (because of the sugar content), so the grill pan is better, as it minimizes contact with the cooking surface.

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