7.298 A Special Korean At-Home Meal à la MIL


29 (Sat) October 2016

A Special Korean At-Home Meal à la MIL


by MIL

at the In-Laws’ home

-Apgujeong, Seoul-

with W and the Boyz, the In-Laws

Inevitable, sometime during this extended trip, that I’d have to enjoy — at least one home-cooked meal by the Mother-in-Law (see most recently 7.194 The MIL’s Typical …).  The meat made it special.

Kimchi Jjigae (2.25) : maybe it’s just the lighting.

The whole time, I’ve been staying with my parents in Oksu, while W and the Boyz stayed with her parents in Apgujeong.  For every reason — food being a key factor — this makes perfect sense to everyone.

Breakfast by Mom.
Beyond the taste per se, what I appreciate about my mother’s cooking is that it’s so simple, focusing on the fundamentals, highlighting the purity of flavors — very northern in character.
I also like that the spreads are minimal, just a few well-balanced side dishes to complement the main.

Fall Break : Day 9 (see previously 7.298 Grilled Lamb Chops Aliman).

In Seoul.  Here on holiday during DJ’s fall break.  Arrived last Saturday, flying back to Manila on Monday.

4 thoughts on “7.298 A Special Korean At-Home Meal à la MIL

  1. Looks delicious! My ideal breakfast. The banchan look great. Recipe for the egg/gyeran mari?

    1. I FINALLY got to trying this. I made the second link you sent with the spam (because let’s be serious… Spam is pretty incredible stuff at times). I think I need to practice it more… but it was pretty darn tasty.

      1. the recipe is easy, and you can substitute with whatever you have on hand, but it’s the technique that requires practice. i still mess up half the time.

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