7.324 Left Behind


24 (Thu) November 2016

Vegetarian Menu


at Sarangjae

-National Assembly, Yeouido-

with meeting participants

A cobblestone path from the rear entrance of the National Assembly …
Sarangjae is the official hosting venue — not a restaurant in the common commercial sense — of the National Assembly.
Rather utilitarian on the inside.

Mission to Korea, Day 3 (see previously 7.323 Korean Hanwoo Cheeseburger).

In Seoul.  Here for the 2nd Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health : The Role of Parliamentarians in Achieving Health in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs), Thursday to Friday.  While the Organization’s engagement with the 1st Annual Meeting last year had been limited to on-site technical support (see generally 6.178 Sliders), we scaled up the support this year to lead the programme development from the outset, me in charge — my biggest project of the year.  Been here since Tuesday to oversee preparations.

Perhaps to epitomize the core SDG concept of “leaving no one behind,” I chose to sit at the vegetarian table.

The food was meh.  Rather than a separate menu with specific dishes designed for vegetarians, the service appeared to be from the same standard menu but with meat items removed.  Oh well.  (Anyway, the full spread at other tables didn’t seem that much better.)  Fortunately, the guests seemed satisfied, and that’s what counts.

Assorted Organic Vegetable with Pine Nut Sauce (2.5)
Sweet Pumpkin Porridge (2.0)
Sautéed Glass Noodle with Mushroom (2.5)
Stewed Tofu (2.5)
Steamed Rice & Daikon Soup (2.0)
Fresh Fruit & Traditional Snack (2.0)

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