7.354 LA Galbi


24 (Sat) December 2016

LA Galbi


by Mom, and me

at the cabin

(see most recently 6.271 Tara’s Wedding Spread)


with W and the Boyz, Mom

Home for the Holidays, Day 5 (see previously 7.353 Tangpyeongchae).

In Seoul.  Winter break. Going back to Manila on the 31st — can hardly wait.

She marinated them.  I cooked them.

My mother had built the cabin, mostly to keep herself busy, but ultimately for us, I suppose.  But now that we’re in the Philippines, we rarely get a chance to spend any time here.  I think that little fact saddens my mother more than the bigger fact that we’re not living in Korea anymore.

When I say “best kimchi,” I mean it (see for example 5.070 Mom’s Kimchi …), and not just in the mama-boy sense.
Again, IZ’s all-in-one-bite (see for example 7.338 Haemul Pa Jeon).

The galbi was kinda off, frozen too long.  “Glad you’re here, finally be done with it.”  Thanks, Mom!

2 thoughts on “7.354 LA Galbi

  1. Mom’s kimchi is the best. My mom makes the most incredible baek-kimchi (water kimchi). I’m also absolutely obsessed with water kimchi brine water. I can drink it like water.

    1. of course, maybe you’re mother’s kimchi is the “best,” but I mean that my mother’s kimchi is literally the best, like in history.

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