8.028 Four-Cheese Bacon Whopper


2 (Thu) February 2017

Four-Cheese Bacon Whopper


from Burger King

in my office

-WPRO, Manila-


Although I do feel woefully overworked most of the time, often hour by hour, day by day, I am grateful that the work culture at the Regional Office allows me to sign off at a respectable COB – because of the traffic, really – and get home to my family.  Other than the occasional work-related dinner event, which is still work but at least somewhat social, I very rarely feel compelled to stay late in the office, forced eat dinner at my desk. Tonight, the first time in nearly 18 months (see most recently 6.225 Dear Darla Pizza).


As far as old-school fastfood burger chains go, I like Burger King, despite what some of the god-awful items featured on GMTD would suggest (see for example 5.055 3-Meat Whopper, 4.275 Mr K + Quattro Smoky Whopper).

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