8.050 Valaisanne Rösti


24 (Fri) February 2017

Valaisanne Rösti


at Les Brasseurs

-Gare Cornavin, Geneva-

with CA et al.

Mission to HQ, Day 6 (see previously 8.049 Veal Marsala).

In Geneva.  Here to attend a Scoping Meeting on the Ethics of Vector-Borne Diseases – Thu to Fri.

Les Brasseurs – “brasseur” = “brewer” – is a pub.  (By coincidence, I had dinner a few nights ago at a restaurant called Brasserie Lipp (see 8.047 Sea Saurkraut.)


So great to see CAL, one of my dearest friends from my earliest days at WPRO, whom I haven’t seen since she left for HQ back in December 2014 (see 5.351 Chili Prawns).

It tasted like shredded potato, pan-fried into a flat cake, topped with ham – screamed for hot sauce, but I was too busy catching up with CAL to care, much.

Rösti is a Swiss potato dish.  Shredded potato, pan-fried into a flat cake.  Typically served as is, but can be topped with other ingredients, typically for breakfast, but can be eaten anytime, typically associated with the German side of Switzerland, but can be found all over.

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