8.049 Veal Marsala


23 (Thu) February 2017

Veal Marsala


at La Trattoria da Tonino

-Gare Cornavin, Geneva-

with SA

Mission to HQ, Day 4 (see previously 8.048 Raclette).

In Geneva.  Here to attend a Scoping Meeting on the Ethics of Vector-Borne Diseases – Thu to Fri.

Met up with a former WPRO colleague for dinner.  Before RK was handed the unenviable task of managing the K staff social calendar, SA was the guy.  He noted that K staff at HQ don’t see each other socially on a regular/systematic basis, and certainly don’t go out of their way to host dinners for visiting delegations, unless maybe the Minister of Health were in town.  He said he didn’t miss the aggravation but did miss the camaraderie.

Spaghetti Vongole (3.0)

Long story short: early in my public health career, I came to WHO HQ quite frequently as part of the Korean delegation on various matters, first in 2005 for the intergovernmental working group on revisions to the International Health Regulations, and then from 2008 to 2009 when Republic of Korea was a Member of the Executive Board.

During such trips, at least one meal, usually lunch, would be at La Trattoria da Tonino.


The Prime.  Perhaps the best burger that I’ve ever had at McDonald’s, at least in terms of coming close to a from-scratch, made-to-order burger.

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