8.057 Pork BBQ


3 (Fri) March 2017

Pork BBQ


by Cuisiniers’ Treat!

-Mercato Centrale, BGC-

with the Family

Mercato Centrale is a food market that sets up every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening on an otherwise vacant.

The food was not very good – mostly Filipino crap, like fried chicken bits and pork skewers, cheaply made, cheaply sold, tasting every but as cheap.

The food was probably not very hygienic – sitting out in the open for hours, being spit upon as customers and vendors yell at each other over the din.

Too many people.

Not enough tables.

Unbearably hot – already hot in the Philippines, plus the combined body heat of what seemed like 10,000 people crammed under tents in a single city block, plus the heat from the bbq grills.

First and last visit.


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