8.074 Gyro + Chicken Platter


20 (Mon) March 2017

Gyro + Chicken Platter


by The Halal Guys

at home

-One Serendra, BGC-


Benefit of the doubt, I will assume this to be part of the global chain, originating out of New York.

The Wikipedia page suggests that the Halal Guys were responsible for driving hot dogs stands out of business – I did notice the lack of hot dogs stands during my last trip to New York (see generally 7.033 Forty-Six Fifty).


However, I was thoroughly unimpressed with the food: the chicken, the gyro (processed lamb), and the pita were all oddly squishy in texture and flavorless.

I’d rather eat a hot dog any day.

2 thoughts on “8.074 Gyro + Chicken Platter

  1. I don’t get all the rage either- had it from the original trick I. NYC as well as in LA and Berkeley- all just meh. I found the gyro to be u pleasantly greasy, which was strange since it’s been standing upright on a spit which I would have imagined would result in most of the fat dripping off.

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