8.075 Chili Sauerkraut Dog


21 (Tue) March 2017

Chili Sauerkraut Dog


at Nathan’s

-Bonifacio High Street, BGC-

with the Family

By sheer coincidence – in posting just yesterday about the Halal Guys, which some sources would credit with the demise of the New York street hot dog industry (see generally 8.074 Gyro + Chicken Platter), I referenced an older post from New York that describes Nathan’s as the “sole survivor” (see generally 7.033 Forty-Six Fifty) – this Nathan’s food trucked popped up overnight.


When done right. as does Nathan’s – no wonder they’re still in business – I’m now wondering whether the chili dog, not the cheeseburger, may be America’s greatest contribution to fast food.

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  1. Agree re Nathan’s- I always make a trip to a Nathan’s when I’m in Vegas as I think those are the closest to me.

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