8.138 Neoguri Ramyeon


23 (Tue) May 2017

Neoguri Ramyeon (Mild)


by W

at home

-One Serendra, BGC-

with the Family

When I was in 5th grade, living in California, both parents working, having to make my own after-school snacks, my mother taught me to make Neoguri.  Because of the thicker noodles, she emphasized the need to cook them all the way through, showing me how to fish out a noodle, cut a cross-section, and check if the center were still opaque.  I now prefer the noodles a bit undercooked – al dente.  I still use the technique to check the doneness of pasta.


Anyway, Neoguri remains my favorite Korean instant noodle brand, 35 years and running, our family favorite as well (see generally 3.218 Neoguri Ramyeon with Bean Sprouts & Egg).  I appreciate both the thicker texture of the noodles and the briny flavor of the seaweed flakes.  We buy the mild version, which is easier for IZ to handle but also goes down smoother for all of us, compared to the spicier standard version.

In Korean, “neoguri” = racoon.

Here, W used too much water to begin with, then didn’t cook the soup long enough after adding the soup mix for a proper broth to develop – hence the anemically transparent appearance.  Also tasted weak.

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