8.139 Jjajangmyeon


24 (Wed) May 2017



by me

at home

-One Serendra, BGC-

with the Family

Yet another “partly instant, partly from scratch” effort (see most recently 8.070 Jjajang Myeon), this time scratchier with a just-add-water powder, rather than a heat-and-eat sauce pack.  I know that these quick-fix gimmicks won’t turn out anywhere near the real thing.  Why I keep at it, I don’t know.

Before the days of GMTD, I did once try to make the dish entirely from scratch.  It demanded so much oil (about half cup per serving) and sugar (about one cup per serving) – the black bean paste (chunjang) that forms the base of the sauce is so inherently salty and bitter that nearly a cup of sugar per serving is necessary to make it edible – that I never wanted to make it again.  Anyway, it also fell short – maybe not enough oil and sugar.


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