8.152 Chicken Burrito


6 (Tue) June 2017

Chicken Burrito


at Chihuahua Mexican Grill

-Crossroads Building, BGC-


Chihuahua Mexican Grill is a restaurant specializing in Mission-style burritos.


The oft-cited claim that the burrito is an American invention is something of an urban myth.  The Mission-stye burrito (see for example 4.347 BBCCCC Whole Wheat Burrito), hailing from San Francisco’s Mission District, which is overstuffed with layers of ingredients, such as meat and rice and beans and cheese and salsa and lettuce and sour cream and guacamole, etc. – may be more American than Mexican in origin.  But burritoes are common in Mexico, especially Northern Mexico, albeit much smaller and simpler, typically just meat and/or beans and/or cheese.


The chicken burrito was pretty good.  A tad bitter, perhaps too much cilantro, and maybe black beans, but otherwise well-constructed with fresh and tasty ingredients.

Oh, to have a place like this near work!

Hot Sauce Library = excellent idea.

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