8.165 Go Geisha with Baked Salmon


19 (Mon) June 2017

Go Geisha with Baked Salmon


from Saladstop!

at home

-One Serendra, BGC-


Saladstop! is a Singapore-based chain restaurant.  Specializes in salads and wraps.  Currently 15 locations in the Philippines, including the first branch in BGC.


Very impressive selection of ingredients, mostly fresh vegetables and lean proteins.


Customers can choose from “signature” combinations or customize, either as a salad or as a wrap.


The Go Geisha – inappropriate name notwithstanding – was good.  Explosively wholesome with lettuce, cabbage, tofu, asparagus, carrot, soba noodles, snow peas, edamame, cucumber, corn, plus optional baked salmon.  Could’ve used more miso dressing, and maybe hot sauce to amp up the flavor (I’m thinking sriracha).  But overall, what a fine solo Monday-night meal.

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