8.175 LA Galbi and More


29 (Thu) June 2017

LA Galbi and More


by me

at home

-One Serendra, BGC-

with colleagues

No special occasion, just a mid-week dinner party at my place.

For the galbi, I started the marinade the night before, using a bottled “Kalbi Marinade” product from Baeksul.  It’s fine as is to produce a legit Korean bbq flavor, but I like to add a bit more sesame oil, sugar, and ground black pepper.


UJ’s husband contributed a chicken stew, but otherwise the spread was all by me.

2 thoughts on “8.175 LA Galbi and More

  1. oh!!! i was there too!!! that was my last day in MNL. good to see the two-years-ago-post. been surprised at your long-lasting memories of dinners in the past.

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