8.279 Explosiones de Atún y Tomatito


11 (Wed) October 2017

Explosiones de Atún y Tomatito


at Tomatito Sexy Tapas Bar

-BGC, Taguig, Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

Tomatito Sexy Tapas Bar is a Spanish restaurant.

Starting with the name of the establishment, even the names of its dishes, the restaurant tries way too hard to sell style without putting as much effort into substance.

The so-called tuna “explosions” consisted of poorly seared subpar/frozen tuna, pickled onion, cilantro leaf, cherry tomato (tomatito), garlicky aioli, on top of a flavorless puff pastry.  The only thing explosive was the pastry, which imploded and disintegrated upon bite.

This is the kind of meal that actually angers me while it’s happening – W could see it right away: “Boys, be careful, Daddy is going to start getting upset….”

Gambas al Ajillo (2.5): sauteed shrimps with garlic and chili – competent, though I would’ve preferred minced garlic, which makes for a better dip.
Hamachi Tiradito (1.5): thinly sliced yellowtail with charred peppers and corn in coconut and chili cream sauce – rich nuttiness of the coconut made the already oily fish feel heavier.
Pescado de Lonja (1.5): “fish of the market.”
The banana leaves opened to reveal a fillet of red snapper in a brownish sauce with asparagus and mushrooms – the skin of the fish came out kinda slimy, and none of the elements played very well with each other – clearly, the chef was thinking more about the package than the contents.
Filete a la Parrilla (2.5): tenderloin with confit potatoes and truffle mashed potatoes – can’t recall ever getting two types of potatoes in the same dish – sloppy presentation.

I am confident that the suckers in BGC are going to love this place: “Like OMG, the sexiest tapas bar ever!”

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  1. That looks comically bad.

    I feel like the name itself sort of foreshadowed this outcome…

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