8.345 Pusit Adobong


16 (Sat) December 2017

Pusit Adobong


at Scandi Divers

-Big La Laguna, Puerto Galera, Philippines-

with DJ, KD, LE, PC

Dive Trip to PG, Day 1.

School is out for the winter.  W and IZ went to Korea for a week, bestowing upon DJ and me this most unprecedented and welcome freedom.  We took the opportunity to go diving in Puerto Galera for an extended weekend.




Puerto Galera is a town on the island of Mindoro, south of Luzon, the island on which Manila is located.  The most common way of getting to PG is by a 1-hour ferry ride from Port Batangas to Port Sabang.


One thing that I like about PG is that resorts, restaurants, and stores are easily accessible on foot along the beach – unlike Anilao, where each property is isolated from the rest, no beach to connect.



We’re staying at Scandi Divers.


Another thing that I like about Scandi Divers is that the food is ordered à la carte, so guests can eat whatever they want, whenever they want – unlike Anilao, where the food is typically buffet and inclusive of the room charge or daytrip fee.

For breakfast, Korean ramyeon with kimchi (3.0).
For lunch, chicken pork adobo (3.0).

And yes, the food itself was good, surprisingly good for a not-so-fancy dive resort.

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