8.351 Plain Jane Burger with Bacon


22 (Fri) December 2017

Plain Jane Burger with Bacon


by me

at home

-One Serendra, BGC, Taguig, Manila, Philippines-

with DJ

The bacon itself – thick cut and smoky – was quite good per se.  However, because of the thickness, it was too difficult to bite into and thus didn’t work as part of the burger.

The burger as a whole, with the bacon, and the cheese, and all that sauce, but without any fresh vegetable toppings, was kinda heavy.

Still, the quality of the beef and the “smashing” technique make for a good burger at its foundation.

Best Burger in Manila (BBM) – a ranking of the best beef burgers that I’ve had in restaurants throughout the National Capital Region.

  1. 8Cuts (Serendra Piazza, BGC) (8.194 Cheeseburger) (3.5)
  2. 8Cuts (Serendra Piazza, BGC) (7.275 Piggy) (3.5)
  3. The Great American Burger Joint (SM Aura Premier, BGC) (8.222 All American Burger) (3.5)
  4. 8Cuts (Serendra Piazza, BGC) (7.122 Big Game Burger) (3.0)
  5. Raging Bull Burgers (Shangri-La at the Fort, BGC) (8.287 Mighty Beast) (2.75)
  6. The Great American Burger Joint (SM Aura Premier, BGC) (8.351 Plain Jane Burger with Bacon) (2.5)
  7. Brothers Burger (Bonifacio High Street, BGC) (8.237 Black Angus Burger with Bacon) (2.5)
  8. Mamou (Serendra Piazza, BGC) (8.207 Dry Aged Burger) (2.5)
  9. Pound by Todd English (Bonifacio High Street, BGC) (8.102 TE Slider) (2.5)
  10. McDonald’s (United Nations Avenue, Manila) (8.123 Quarter Pounder with Cheese) (2.5)
  11. Burger King (Robinsons Place, Manila) (8.028 Four-Cheese Bacon Whopper) (1.5)
  12. Burger King (Robinsons Place, Manila) (5.055 3-Meat Whopper) (1.5)
  13. Wendy’s (Robinsons Place, Manila) (5.031 Baconator Mushroom Melt) (1.0)
  14. S&R (BGC) (8.019 Cheeseburger Deluxe) (1.0)
  15. Jollibee (United Nations Avenue, Manila) (8.180 Yum Burger) (1.0)
  16. The Fireplace (New World Manila Bay, Manila) (7.119 The Fireplace Burger) (0.5)
  17. Tempura (Robinsons Place, Manila) (5.019 Ramen Burger) (0.0)
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan – after several days of watching nothing but Trek (see also 8.349 Budae Jjigae), I think that DJ is starting to see the light.

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