9.019 Filet-o-Fish


24 (Wed) January 2018



at McDonald’s

-BGC, Taguig, Manila, Philippines-


Filet-o-Fish is an American fish burger by McDonald’s.  Consists of a deep-fried patty of minced fish (pollock) with processed American cheese and topped with tartar sauce, served on a plain bun.   According to the US website, it contains 390 calories, the same as a McDouble (see 3.360 A Pair of McDoubles), which has 2 beef patties and a full slice of cheese – just goes to show the caloric impact of condiments and deep-frying, even if it’s fish.

It may be my favorite McDonald’s item.  Love the bun.  So glad it’s available in the Philippines – it isn’t in Korea.


According to the Canada website, which has a Q&A section: “We only use half a slice of cheese because that’s exactly the perfect balance for the tangy tartar sauce and crispness of the Filet-o-Fish coating. Anything more than that would throw off the mojo of the sandwich and overshadow the delicate flavour of the pollock. And yes, it’s always been this way. Nothing fishy here!”

From the US website, the photo of the sandwich is bullshit – a half-slice of cheese wouldn’t hang out at that angle.

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