9.142 BBQ Platter


27 (Sun) May 2018

BBQ Platter


at Manimal Smokehouse

-Itaewon, Yongsan, Seoul, Korea-

with MTG and JYC

Mission to Korea, Day 1.

In Seoul.  As per the approved terms of reference for the mission, I have been deployed to identify suitable restaurants for our Regional Director and his senior staff to host the Regional Director of the neighboring South East Asia Regional Office (SEARO) and her senior staff during their annual biregional high-level retreat, which will be held in Korea this year, not in Seoul, but amidst the sea-to-summit grandeur of the country’s northeast coast.

Not sure whether I should be honored that the RD thinks so highly of my gastronomic acuity or insulted that he thinks I have nothing better to do.  Anyway, I do recognize the critical importance of carefully planned hospitality at such events, so I’ll do my best.



Manimal Smokehouse is an American-style BBQ restaurant.  Offers beef brisket, pulled pork, pork spare ribs, and chicken – all smoked on the premises – and a handful of southern sides, such as mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, coleslaw, etc.

It was good.

This was not part of the scoping mission, which starts tomorrow.


Jinmi Pyeongyang Naengmyeon

Earlier for lunch, my new favorite restaurant in the world.


Since my last visit, business has been so good, apparently, they opened an annex in the building across the parking lot.

Mul Naeng Myeon (4.0)
Literally, down to the last drop – there’s a drop in the top left of the bowl.

Prior visits:

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