9.145 Mul Naeng Myeon


30 (Wed) May 2018

Mul Naeng Myeon


at Pil-Dong Myeonok

-Pil, Jung, Seoul, Korea-


Mission to Korea, Day 4.

In Seoul.  As per the approved terms of reference for the mission, I have been deployed to identify suitable restaurants for our Regional Director and his senior staff to host the Regional Director of the neighboring South East Asia Regional Office (SEARO) and her senior staff during their annual biregional high-level retreat, which will be held in Korea this year, not in Seoul, but amidst the sea-to-summit grandeur of the country’s northeast coast.  Mission accomplished – going back home tonight.


Happened to be passing through the neighborhood, I dropped by for a refresher tasting, even if not my favorite place, just to reconfirm my prior impressions and reinforce my taste memory.

The MNM was the same as before.

Table for one.

Prior visits:

Apparently, the Michelin Guide has taken a liking to naeng myeon restaurants, awarding the Bib Gourmand to 10.

Of those, 9 are Pyeongyang-style.

7 have been featured on GMTD – in order of personal preference:

I would only disagree with Nampo Myeonok, which puts the entire list in doubt.

Screenshot 2019-08-30 19.54.19

I look forward to trying Jungin Myeonok and Bongmilga.

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