9.320 Black Pepper Crab


21 (Wed) November 2018

Black Pepper Crab


at Pier at Clawdaddy’s (Bonifacio High Street) (WHERE)

-BGC, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

Recently, GMTD has been referencing Zomato.com for background information on restaurants in Manila.  For any given city, I’ve never seen a website that is so comprehensive in coverage of properties and depth of information on each, including full menus.

The Zomato app has recently launched a gold membership, just PHP 810 for 1 year, which offers 2+2 deals on drinks or 1+1 on food at participating restaurants.

I bought the membership, figuring cost will pay for itself with just one big ticket item – e.g., we buy one crab and get another for free.


Pier at Clawdaddy’s is an American seafood restaurant.  Offers a wide range of casual “crab shack” items, like buckets of shrimp and fish & chips, as well as their signature fresh crabs, sold by weight, styles mostly Asian in character.

As we learned tonight, the 1+1 deal isn’t so simple.  Restaurants have the discretion to exempt certain items, like crab, not only as the +1 but even as the 1.  So, to make use of the deal, we had to order an additional item (ribs) to get a freebie (pasta).  In retail, this is called “upselling.”


Anyway, the boys got their Singaporean crab fix (see for example 8.099 Black Pepper Crab), so I was happy to have been upsold.

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