9.331 Hummus!


2 (Sun) December 2018

Hummus! (WHAT)


at Em Sherif Café (WHERE)

-Beirut, Lebanon-

with Hon RPS

Mission to Lebanon, Day 2 (see previously 9.330 Parrot Fish with Sweet & Sour Sauce).

In Beirut.  Here to attend a Meeting of the Regional Parliamentary Working Group on Universal Health Coverage in the Eastern Mediterranean Region – Monday to Tuesday.  Follow-up to the meeting in Jordan a few months back (see most recently 9.268 Malabar Grouper).  As focal point for the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health (APPFGH) (see most recently 9.231 Boodle Fight), I’m here to help the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office – which covers North Africa and the Middle East – set up their own forum, aimed for launch sometime in mid-2019.


On this mission, I have the privilege of supporting the participation of the Honorable RPS, Representative of the Congress of the Republic of the Philippines.  Congressman RPS is a one of the country’s most dedicated health champions and a key partner of APPFGH.  He will be delivering a keynote at the meeting this week to highlight the role of parliamentarians in advancing health and to share his experiences in engaging with WHO, including through APPFGH.

I was honored to spend Sunday with him, just to hang out and see the sights.  I’m rolling with dignitaries these days.

Fatoush (4.0)
Chicken Skewers (3.5)
Freebies (3.5) – note the carrots on the side (see 9.153 Lemon-Juiced Carrots)
Kofta (4.0)

The food was amazing.  Every single dish was pristinely fresh, perfectly executed.  The hummus especially, exquisitely delicate in texture yet explosive in flavor – and check out that plating!  The best Mediterranean/Arabic/Middle Eastern meal that I’ve ever enjoyed.

The converse of Japanese food – which is light yet hearty, subtle yet substantial – this is is substantial yet subtle, hearty yet light.

Hon RSP at Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque.

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