10.031 (2 of) 4 Flavours


5 (Tue) February 2019

(2 of) 4 Flavours


at Jin Joo

-SM Aura, BGC-

with (W and) the Boyz

The plan had been to eat at a Chinese restaurant – in the Philippines, lunar new year is Chinese New Year.  But Chinese culture being extremely popular/mainstream here, both Chinese restaurants in the mall were packed, throngs of would-be customers waiting to get it.  Beyond the lines, the bigger problem would be the overwhelmed kitchens – would’ve been 9pm before we got a bowl of soup.

The meat – samgyeopsal in various fusion marinades – was hit and miss.  The Hoisin (1.75)  – Chinese! – was okayish, similar to a Korean bulgogi but jammier.  The Pesto (1.5) – Italian, again – was just weird.  The Honey Lemon Sriracha (2.5) – Thai? – was the best of the bunch, a bit spicy, a bit sweet, the most natural fit for the pork belly.  The Cajun (2.5) – American? – was also okay, the dry rub imparting a slight kick.  Average = 2.06 – just above average.

Probably won’t be a second visit, but wouldn’t object if I had to go, though I would go for the traditional, non-marinated cuts.

We have memberships at a kids’ hair salon in the mall: PHP 3,000 for 1 year of unlimited visits.  If we’re eating dinner at SM Aura on a weekday, it’s likely because the boys need haircuts.

I don’t recall ever seeing fortune cookies outside of Chinese restaurants in the States.  I also don’t recall ever seeing fortune cookies for sale, like in a grocery stare, anywhere.

Long story short: W and I got into a fight – she started it, but I might’ve overreacted in my response – right as I started cooking Hoisin and Pesto. She stormed off.  The boys and I finished what was on the table.  We took Honey Lemon Sriracha and Cajun home.  I cooked Honey Lemon Sriracha and Cajun for W.  She ate them.


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